Scott Cavalheiro


I'm Scott Cavalheiro and I’m an actor, writer and producer working and living in Toronto and Los Angeles.


I wasn't always a detective, or a lawyer, a chaplain, a celebrity chef, a veterinarian, a pro baseball player or a meathead. I really wasn't. I was just a kid who had a penchant for making ridiculous faces in the mirror that sent my family into hysterics.

But then stuff happened. We got a dog. I grew a beard. And eventually I wound up becoming a researcher in a perceptual neuroscience lab (fact) and almost went down the arduous and (I can only assume) rewarding path of becoming a doctor. But then I didn't.

Scott Cavalheiro

With a Stroke of Insight, I met an actor who would inspire me to travel down a different path - a nostalgic one.


A more (and I can only assume) rewarding path of self expression and entertainment. This man, this mentor, encouraged me to stop looking over my shoulder and head forward - to follow my penchant - and that's when I finally woke up my inner artist and became an actor. Cue Vangelis! 

Today, I have a career in acting, writing and producing. And yes, I still make ridiculous faces in the mirror, but now, the mirror is your television screen.